Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You Would Think It's an Ad

Are you kidding me? You could have plucked these images out of a wedding magazine/ad for all I know! Love love love {and I'm normally not a huge fan of yellow}.
Love the chair, love the pale yellow dress, love the non-black suit, love the fetching tie. Yes, I said fetching.
If you don't love the yellow dress, you at least have to give her props for her yellow pumps.
The dog sold me on the whole wedding. The bow tie was just added charm. Naturally.
"Hmmmm maybe I'll just kick back with my new hubby on these FABULOUS yellow striped lounge chairs for a moment before we step into our TO-DIE-FOR reception...". I'm sure she said that. And if she didn't say it she was sure thinking it.
Who doesn't love a little detail?
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Erica said...

YUMMY! I love yellow! Great photos.

I left you a little love on my blog. :-)

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Cathryn said...

Thanks for the props!

Guilty Secret said...

Aw the DOG! :-D