Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little Ones

My eyes floated to the cutest flower girl that I have ever seen. And then I discovered that there were three of them.And that there were three dapper little men to accompany the little flower girls.

As I mentioned here we are having three little flower girls, all of which are Chris' nieces. Chris' three nephews will escort the flower girls down the aisle. Last weekend I was able to see the girls in their dresses and they. are. adorable. Today I am making the flower girls pomander balls and wrapping their glittery presents I promised them as a gift for being in our wedding. Two weeks from now they will all be prancing down the aisle right before me and I am so excited to see them (hopefully) make it to the front of the church!
And I wouldn't mind grabbing this photo either....

All photos via: evoke photography


*Michelle said...

Those are so cute.
Congrats on the Blue Orchid Designs feature!!

Guilty Secret said...

I keep changing my mind about my hair colour but I think that last shot just sold me on the dark brown. So classy :)

Adrienne said...

Two weeks left!!! YAY! I hope all of your planning is coming together the way you had hoped!