Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Napkin Update

About a week ago I ordered 150 cocktail napkins with our monogram from etsy seller Designs By Tine. They came in the mail today and they are MORE than picture perfect. I highly recommend the seller.

So we have 150 white cocktail napkins with our plum monogram on them, 150 plum napkins, and 150 raspberry-ish napkins (plum and raspberry napkins purchased from local party store). I'll let my MOH have the task of collating them so that they alternate. She'll love me for that.

I figure that 450 napkins will just about carry us to dinner. Once we run out we'll just use the venue's standard napkins.
Check off another task, thank you very much.

A pretty picture for this post:
photo via jasmine star


Bree - Rheumatoid Arthritis said...

I just purchased napkins through the same seller on etsy! We did four fun facts about us on them. I should be receiving the napkins in the next week or so, I can't wait!!!

I also wanted to say CONGRATS!!! I have been reading your blog for quite sometime now and I look forward to every new post. We are getting married a week after you! :)

tina said...

Oh yeah! I can't wait to see them. After my napkins were ruined in the hurricane, I ended up ordering plain ivory with gold logos from Printglobe. I'm disappointed in the lack of color, but it is what it is.

Miss G said...

So exciting! I love checking things off! Isn't it wonderful seeing things come together that were worrisome at some point during the process? My mom reminded me this weekend that God keeps working things out even when I don't know how it will happen. Have a great day! Kelly