Thursday, September 4, 2008

Socks and Shoes

I love love love love love pictures of brides wearing something other than the typical white or ivory bridal shoe on their wedding day. Check out these stunning magenta peep toe pumps.

And then when I see the groom wearing argyle still my heart.
And its even better then you can convince/make your groomsmen sport the argyle socks too.

Chris and our groomsmen will be wearing these plum/lavender/grey argyle socks from banana republic

Are you going to be wearing colored shoes on your wedding day? Are you thinking of outfitting the men in argyle socks!?

photos: bobbi and mike, the fairmount bride, the brides cafe, bobbi and mike, natalie moser, white box weddings


Kelly said...

our guys wore green argyle socks...and nikes! I wore greenish/yellow shoes. It adds so much more interest!

Why wear a pair of white shoes you will literally never wear again? Since I know I will never wear my dress again, I am looking forward to wearing my shoes for every anniversary. Fun, right?

Vote Judge Feick said...

FYI- my friends wedding is the one bobbie and mike captured in front of the mirroed building with the groomsmen....the argyle was a hit!!!!

*Michelle said...

Its photos like those that gave me shoe envy.. which believe it or not I did a whole post on!
But now you are giving me sock envy too since the boys will be in uniform and sandals. Pics like that make me a little jealous.
Oh - and the magenta peep toes are fantastic!!

Adrienne said...

Agreed - I love the look of colorful shoes with a wedding dress! I am definitely considering this, if not for the ceremony at least for the pictures! Big fan of the argyle and stripped socks too! : )

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, I am going with green satin shoes. Love them!

Heather @ Southern Weddings said...

First of all, those shoes are fabulous! I too, love the fun socks for the guys. A great way to add some personal touches on your special day.

ManBearPig said...

lovely shoes

treds said...

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