Friday, September 7, 2007


Many wedding websites feature hundreds of favors for the bride and groom give to their guests as a way of thanking them for being part of/coming to their special day. There are DIY favors, extravagant favors, and everything in between from $1-???.

How cute would this favor be? It would "tie" into my nautical/knot theme somewhat well:

But....these little favors run for about $2. That means for 100 people at our wedding (and there will be more than that), we're already looking at $200!

Here are the problems that I have with favors:

  • at the weddings that I've been to, I haven't even gotten a favor

  • who uses the favor anyway? I never listen to the songs on the CD, I probably wouldn't have much use for a glass or frame with the couples wedding date on it, and truthfully, I probably would never use the sailboat candle holder.

I don't think that I'm going to do the whole favor "thing". I would rather put that $200+ towards better food at the reception....or towards my honeymoon!

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