Tuesday, September 4, 2007

For the Bridesmaids

I am in love with this navy bridesmaids dress from JCrew:

Hopefully the price will come down about a hundred dollars or I can find a good knockoff.

I am also in love with these green roses for the bridesmaids bouquet. I think the green would be a great accent to the navy dresses. My original plan was to go with a bouquet of green orchids, but I like the simplicity of the roses.

I had an inspiration board all ready to go, but the formatting is still a little off. I think it might come down to printing it off, scanning it in, and THEN posting it.


kath-kath said...

to miss jessica lynn,
where can i find a real green roses? i am looking where to find these flowers, i would love my bouquet to be green roses. please help me. thanks and God Bless!

perfect bound said...

those are the dresses we picked! i LOVE them and am so happy my bridesmaids were ok with the price. they figured that they could wear the navy again, so it was worth the extra $$.