Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nautical Totes for the BM's

In thinking about gifts for my BM's I have a few objectives in mind:

  • gifts correlate with the tying the knot theme / nautical vibe

  • gifts can actually be used/appreciated and can serve more than one purpose

Let me preface the rest of this post with the statement that I am obsessed with totes. Show me a great tote and I will show you my money.
So you can imagine my delight when I found this tote: (from: Nautigear)

And then these totes: ( at first sight. All bags are made from actual sail cloth (ala my navy and green color scheme and nautical-ish theme)!! The bags would serve as a tote on the day of the wedding and would also serve as gift bags that hold lots of other goodies for my lovely BM's (such as the typical flip flops, necklace for the big day to coordinate with the dress, etc).
I'm so excited about them and they aren't even for me!!

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classic bride said...

check out, too! they're really similar -- handmade from authentic sails and nautical rope.