Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Not Done Yet

As much as I THINK that I have planned a lot ahead of time for my wedding, I realized today that there are still a lot of details that I have yet to explore. For example:

  • The actual DATE!! I feel as though maybe this should be a decision we both make. haha.

  • Although I know the style of the cake I want, I have no idea where to start with any flavors or fillings for it.

  • DJ, church, and reception venue have yet to be determined

  • The song playlist for the reception

  • The guest list...ugh

  • The programs for the ceremony

  • Incorporating the white nylon rope into the invitations

  • Flower centerpieces for the reception. I am thinking green roses/green berries/other green flowers with a rope around the vase. Something like:

Clean, contrasting, and eye catching. Love it. I guess I have this bullet point taken care of!

Ugh. I can see how wedding planning becomes overwhelming...and I'm not even supposed to be planning yet!! But I am honestly loving every second of it... so far!!

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