Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ring Shopping...

...without the Groom-to-Be. C refuses to go ring shopping with me due to his wish to pick out the ring himself. So we came to the agreement that I could go shopping myself and tell him if there are any styles/settings that I do not like. Thus, it will still be his decision as he picks out the ring himself.

So I took my friend DDD with me today to Preston's Rocks where we were in awe. I found that the "setting" that I like the most is something like the following:A thinner band with diamonds on the band. I know that he will do a great job in p:icking out a bea-u-tiful rock!


Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Jessica,

We have similar taste! Check out the ring my FH presented me with:


I love the pave setting and the antique, vintage feel that my ring has. It's my most prized possession, I love it and I'm sure you'll love yours as well.

patrick said...

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sharon carty said...

Its difficult going engagement ring shopping. Think it is always best to start doing research online and trying on as many diamond rings on as possible in as many jewellers as possible. Some pretty tips here and you-tube have great videos on ring shopping.