Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thoughts on Accessories

One of my daily wedding blog reads The Pink Book Blog led me to Anna Bellagio. Loving these two:

And now for the shoes. Requirements: over 2 inches tall, not plain, white. Comfort does not matter. Here are the top two contenders....thus far:

(images from Shoe Buy and weddingbee. excuse the poor cropping!)

The only other accessory that I might want to wear on the big day would be a ring from one of my grandmothers or mom.

Thoughts?! Where are you getting your earrings for your big day from?


The Future Misses said...

I adore the shoes on the right!

Linda said...

I bought my earrings from another knottie. They are gorgeous. There's a picture somewhere on my blog.

Robert said...

Wow, this jewelry will match perfectly to my new white dress.

amanda said...

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Orla Odowd said...
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