Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Break from the Break

Just stopping back in for a moment to take care of some "buizz-nass."
I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that commented on my previous post or took a minute to drop me an e-mail to tell me how much you enjoy my blog. When I started this itty bitty blog I never thought it would become what it is today. Today it is my pretty little (somewhat addicting) piece of work that I write in almost daily and keep stocked full of the most amazing pictures and all things wedding-related. I am so happy that others find it entertaining, relevant, and worthy of their time. So thank you for visiting and for coming back!

It has been hard to stay away from blogging over the past 3 days, especially after reading all of your sweet comments! Even my mom told me it was time to get back to blogging! So I had to stop back in and share 3 blogs for you to peruse until I'm back to normal posting next week.
Rebecca Bouck A wedding photographer behind these cute shots:

Inspired Events by Nycia: A charming little blog with lots of inspiration boards!
Jennifer Bowen Photography : Pictures upon pictures of all the wedding moments she captures. You can really see the event from start to finish!


miab02 said...

BLOG BLOG BLOG...ooooooh how i like to blog...glob maybe it should be called globbbbbing

jessica lynn said...

attention readers,
the above comment was made by my wonderful and cynical roommate maria, whom also happens to be one of my bridesmaids. tonight, she discovered my blog and went a little comment crazy. i'll let it slide just this once and then I am excommunicating her from the wedding party.

Kate said...

Thanks for the comment, I loved the inspiration board! Great find

miab02 said...