Monday, March 10, 2008

A New Game of Tag!

It's a new game of tag,my friends! I was tagged by Sarah at TheMcWoods in the 'new rules & new ideas' game of tag.
The rules:
-List your top three favorite new wedding ideas.
-Link back to the post of the person who tagged you - this will create a continuous stream of posts that readers can follow.

- Tag a new person and share the rules. Here is the link to Sarah's post on the new game of tag.
Here are my top three:
1. Day after photo shoots.

(Jamie & Scott by evoke photography)
Grab your new hubby and your stellar photographer and get some more pictures of the two of you in your wedding day attire. Go to a beach, lake, the country, or to a funky place in the city you are in (perhaps an alley!). Be creative and the results will be stunning!

2. Let the bridesmaids shine on your big day. Afterall, they are your best friends and closest family, right!? Let them bring a hint of their own personalities and style into your big day (after approval from you, of course!).


Allow them to pick from two or three bridesmaids dresses of the same color, material, or brand. Allow them to accessorize with jewelry or cute shoes in your accent color (love the lime green pumps!). The little details that make them feel special will only add sparkle to your special day.

3. Have a theme. Not so sure this is a NEW trend, but I feel as though it's becoming more popular. Having a theme for your wedding is like tying a perfectly wrapped present with an adorable bow. If you haven't checked out Miss. Lovebug's typewriter theme on weddingbee, you are missing out. She has the cutest invitations, table signs, favors, that all correlate with her typewriter theme. During my pre-planning stages of wedding planning, I was set on a nautical theme that I still love. If you're getting married outdoors, have a rustic woodland theme. If you met while traveling, incorporate that country where you met into your big day. (Check out the S&I Paris, je t'aime board!) If you met while studying at the library then incorporate something like this into your wedding day:

Whatever you do, embrace it and make it your own and your special day is sure to be memorable.
I'm going to tag Aletha of Pearls Events, I can't wait to see what she comes up with!


aletha @ pearls events said...

Good ones, Jessica. I will see what I can come up with and post this week :)

emahlee said...

ooh. day after photos. I want that! ...any excuse to wear the dress again, right?