Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How About Orange!?

My post last week about using the blue hue family was one of my favorites. Inspired by the top left picture below, I wanted to continue the idea of using one hue family and create an inspiration board around the color orange.

(top left: Jennifer Skog all others: the knot)

I love orange when paired with a peach to make a creamsicle palette or with a hue of pinks for a fresh, preppy, romantic look. Orange works in the spring, summer, and fall. Are any of you using this bold color in your wedding?

For more orange wedding inspiration, check out these sites:
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Sasksushine -Amazing orange & blue details
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Faye & Greer - Orange & Chocolate


nicole green said...

i loooove orange. :) i never really sat down and thought about what colors i'd pick for my wedding (if and when that ever happens). :) i'm definitely going to consider orange!

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

good old orange - i love it.

i can't wait to see your save the dates!!! and naturally, i will post pics of laura's work - in fact, I really can't wait to post pictures of everything i'm doing! i wish i didn't have lurkers. :)

i love being mrs. r said...

for our wedding we chose to use blue & orange. the girls wore blue dresses and all of the flowers were a deep, almost burnt orange. the orange gerbera daisies against the girls blue dresses looked phenomenal in pictures.

although many people were aprehensive when they heard about our colors, they were astound at how fantastic they looked paired together; we had so many compliments on the colors, it was great.