Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So I got a sweet e-mail tonight from Jen of Wifeville. Within 1 minute of surfing Wifeville, I knew Jen would be one of my new best friends.

First of all, the girl met her hubby in an airport, and I met mine at a concert. Ahhh, fate! Second of all, her website is about as cute as her personality. Third, the girl read my mind.
Listen, we all know that cute apparel for brides is non-existent. It's all white and its all reserved for the wedding day only (you know, the "Bride" terry-cloth hoodie). Well Jen has changed all that. This is what she had to say,
"I remember the excitement of getting married. I shouted “I'm a Wife!” And that’s how Wifeware was born. Our sweet and sassy line features contemporary, hipster clothing. You can spoil your inner fashionista and show off your love for your hunky hubby in our signature gear. You can get Wifeware as engagement, shower, and/or wedding gifts – and be able to wear it AFTER the wedding too!"
My personal favorite, the Lucky Wife tee! I would have picked out the "Royal Wife" sweatpants as my favorite item, but Chris says I have too many sweatpants. I disagree, you can never have too many sweatpants...
Go. Shop. Buy sweatpants.


Lucky Designs said...

How cute! "Lucky Wife" definitely needs to be a part of my closet.

ZenadiaDesign said...

I love this!! I want that "lucky wife" shirt. =) Thanks for sharing!