Monday, July 28, 2008


This weekend:

  • Purchased veil!!!
  • Purchased {most of the} bridesmaid's gifts.
  • Attended an amazing wedding shower hosted by three of my mother's friends. It was fabulous.
  • Assembled registry inserts to include (separate from the main invitation and insert cards) in the invitation packets for guests that might not have access to the internet.
  • Determined how to incorporate a signature mat AND a blurb book into our big day.
  • Determined that making a card box out of circular hat boxes covered in plum fabric would be a cruel task to make Kristen complete. Going back to the drawing board.
  • Beefed up our Macy's registry.

Mommy and I were more than proud of all of our accomplishments. Did any of you attend your shower this weekend or accomplish something "major?"
And since every blog post should have a pretty picture...

I'm not normally a fan of the whole "damsel-in-distress-clutching-onto-the-leg-of-a-man" look...but this one is just too good to pass-by. Love the train, love the gravel and love her dress!

jennifer skog


Jennifer said...

how many circular boxes did you want to cover with fabric? let me know...i could probably find a way to make it happen!

Helen, Linda, & Holly said...

Etsy has some great card boxes if you are unable to make one! They even do circular ones!

Guilty Secret said...

Wow, what a weekend! Way to make it happen, girl!

Our website went live, that feels pretty big :)

Anonymous said...

Just curious but what is a blurb book?? Sounds neat!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

look at you go! yay for progress!

steve said...

hey lady
i got the rest of my dress( i only paid for 1/2 and paid of the other) booked my videographer( kill me with the cost), met with the musican and cantor, is that spelled right?, looked at limo/party busses and hopefully found one, took engagemnet pics,started our first registry,had our 1st class of precana is done, had our engagement photos, and an engagement party...ya know just a happy little weekend!
mwah love you

Miss G said...

Yea! Good for you! Our first shower was last weekend! It was such fun. Our website went live too! That felt like a big accomplishment. I got my "will you be my bridesmaid?" cards done! Finally! We got the kitchen packed and a lot of other moving stuff done and Sunday Adrian kindly suggested a day of rest since I was stressing myself out. Turns out God knew what He was talking about! A day of rest did me a lot of good. Kelly


Great JOB!! I can't wait till i am down to the nitty-gritty!!

Can you share what your "look" will be for your registry insert...
I was thinking of a "pretty" way to do this and everything just seems tacky! Like I am begging for a gift or something lol...

PLEASE PLEASE... can you show me your end project!! thanks!!!

and happy funnnnn making them all!!!!