Monday, July 28, 2008

Copy {Click} and Paste {Volume 5}

I like to hug Chris. Like all the time. Hence, hugging pictures on the big day are a must.

I am absolutely positive that Chris will have a look of adoration on his face for me...all day. (I'm sure I'll get in trouble for typing that one.) And I feel as though that look could be captured perfectly with a photo like this:
I'm including these last two pictures in this post simply because they are stunning.
To the lucky couple in these pictures: This one in the field (below)....blow it up, frame it and put it in your dining room or something. In fact, it deserves a seat of honor at the table. Love it.
Dear my make-up artist: If you make my eye make-up look half as good as hers I will pay you double.
All pictures in this post are from the talented photo team bobbi + mike .


Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha yeah that last picture has blatantly just gone in my makeup inspiration folder too!

style-ish said...

Seriously, her makeup is gorgeous.

all my life I've wished for eyes like those. Being Asian does not help my cause. :)

nicole green said...

i loooove huggie pictures! :D