Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It Will Be Okay

Dear Bloggity Friends,

We all know one. The ultra-traditionalist.
The woman, normally over the age of 35, known for her jaw dropping to the floor in an instant when you attempt to explain the teeny tiny way you might possibly be venturing off the beaten path regarding something wedding related.

"You're not going to wear white bridal shoes? Really?....Interesting."
"You're really going to see eachother before the ceremony?"
"No receiving line!? Well that's...difffferent."

This, my friends, is where blogs come in handy...assuming that you have internet access. You can show her pictures like these to assure her it will be ok....

It will be ok if all of the bridesmaids don't carry the EXACT same bouquet. (photo via amy carroll )

It will be ok if all of the bridesmaids don't wear the exact same dresses. (photo via ann hamilton) Check out this post on non matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses.

And, finally, it will be ok if the bridesmaids do not wear the traditional bridesmaid dress and matching shoes. Polka dot dresses are allowed to be worn by bridesmaids. Colored shoes that are not necessarily the same color as the dress will not cause the organ to burst into flames while the bridesmaids are making their way down the aisle. This one will clearly be the hardest for her to grasp. (photo by jasmine star)

What is one to do upon an encounter with said ultra-traditionalist if a blog is not readily available? Take a deep breath and a sip of the wine that you hopefully already poured for yourself, and start by attempting to tell her... "it will be okay...."


Pink Lady Jessica said...

this is where the iPhone comes in handy majorly! Always having the blog world at your fingertips is so nice... :) PS Thanks for linking to my post! :)

*Michelle said...

That "woman" is my mother!!
"What do you mean you aren't going to do a receiving line?" (accompanied by a bug eyed look. But more than that was "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU AREN'T HAVING THE GIRLS WALK TO CANNON IN D AND YOU TO HERE COMES THE BRIDE!??!??!??!??"

Ah - and she doesn't trust the world of blogs, she will only go off of her experiences at weddings.

Linda said...

I ignored those people. They still enjoyed my nontraditional wedding. They'll love how unique you are!

Molly said...

oooh this is so me with Michael's grandmother! I just smile and shrug my shoulders and tell her it will be fun :)

Ms. Bliss said...

No head table is another thing that makes the traditionalist gasp. I've heard it firsthand!

Miss G said...

and imagine the responses when asked how many attendants I'm having and I hold up my hand in the shape of a big round 0! Yep! I have 23 wonderful girlfriends and family who are all celebrating with me and supporting me in different ways but I was not about to choose from within them or have all of them by any means!!!

Ah yes and then there's the non-traditional setting (an old factory type building, original hardwoood floors, wavy blue glass windows, ahh . . . ) no Jordan almonds (is that just a southern thing?), a groom's cake equal in size to the bride's cake, no child attendants, no corsages for mothers (honestly, my mom asked not to have one!) and on and on.

I like our generations way of doing things though! I think we're going to have a lot of wonderful weddings and beautiful marriages. Afterall isn't that what's it's all about in the end?


Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha great post... next time I get one of these comments I'm going to say just that, "it'll be ok, you know" in my most reassuring voice :-D