Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bring Your Bikes!

Forgive me for taking a theme too far, but this was too hard to resist.
Take your bikes to your engagement photo shoot. Photos like this one by jasmine star are "framers."

Let your guests have a peak at your theme through your save the date cards. I found theses on the blush events blog.
Then, take a moment to think out your theme and create a beautiful inspiration this one found on ritzy bee! Then top it all off with pictures with a bicycle on your wedding day like the ones above from the brides cafe !

Add your own little personal bicycle details for your big day with help from snippet & ink: bicycle built for two


Guilty Secret said...

Love it... I want shots of us on our bikes but I'm too nervous about getting my dress messed up!

steve said...

I laughed b/c i cant' ride a bike so well, like for example many trees/sidewalks etc were very close durning that bike learning you jfro

Anonymous said...

I'm right in line with Guilty- I am kinda clumsy, I would totally rip or stain my dress! But they do make some adorable photos! :)

Miss G said...

hey thanks for the cupcake stand love. I think this bike theme is neat! Have a good Monday. Kelly