Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Mat and the Blurb

A comment was left on my post yesterday by irishprncss84 asking what a "blurb" book is.
My friends, let me introduce you to the greatest thing ever. The Blurb book.

Here's the short and sweet of it: Blurb allows you to create a sweet looking "coffee table book", hardcover or soft cover, from your personal photo collection with all of your little personal touches for pennies. Read all about it here. Now.
So, Mommy and I were discussing the following possibilities for my little Blurb book, that has not yet been created.
After Nicole and Dan capture thousands of beautiful images of us during our engagement photo shoot in TWO weeks, we'll take the pictures we love (after we purchase them) and create our own Blurb book. By leaving a large margin around each picture(s) on each page we will allow for our guests to use our hardcover Blurb book as a guest book at our reception, like the one below:However, we wouldn't want to leave the tried and true signature mat out of the picture, would we? So Mommy and I were thinking that we would have everyone at the rehearsal dinner (family and bridal party) sign the signature mat with a personal message.
What do we think?!

PS I will absolutely be making a blurb book out of our wedding photos. It's like scrapbooking for blogs.


Ms. 122 said...

i LOVE blurb books! i made one for mr. 122 (now all i have to do is come up with the money to actually order it), and i'm thinking we'll do one for our guest book too.

*Michelle said...

Loving the Blurb book for the wedding and mat for the rehearsal. You'll have two very different moods going on and will likely get very different comments. I like this idea so much... I just might snag it! =)

Guilty Secret said...

HP is making one of these for us as a guestbook too with all photos from the last six years :)

Kate said...

I just made a book on my mac (basically the exact same as a blurb book) and I love it! We are planning on having all of the guest sign it as well. Are you going to be doing both, the book and the picture with the signature mat or just one or the other? I was hoping to do both but am wondering if it is too much..

jessica lynn said...

kate: I think that we're going to have the signature mat at the rehearsal dinner for family and the bridal party to sign. the blurb book will be at the reception acting as a guest book!

jessica lynn said...

michelle: feel free to "snag" the idea!

Anonymous said...

I love the blurb book guest book thing. I have already started working on mine- gotta wait till the engagement pics are done though to finish!

Anonymous said...

thanks love for addressing my curiousity! i love the idea, however have already started creating my guest book (a DIY album w/ pre-mounted photo corners to stick in polaroids taken of the guests at the wedding w/ a note next to it). HOWEVER i would LOVE any suggests on other uses for a blurb book using our engagment pictures to be displayed at the reception! Thoughts??


Ohh my gosh!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

I was looking for one of these but all I could find was like 2,000 dollars a book!!!

Ahhh I love it!!!

You rock!!!!!

I am stealing this blurb!!!!!! :)