Monday, July 21, 2008

For The Love of Kids

Casey Templeton via The Little White Book
On our wedding day, not only will Chris gain a beautiful wife...but I will gain three nieces and three nephews!
We thought that having all six children in the wedding would be a beautiful way to honor and involve Chris' family.

The three girls will be adorable flower girls, each carrying a pomander.
The three boys will be ushering the flower girls down the aisle.
Chris and I will be praying that they all make it down the aisle.

Are any of you incorporating kids into the wedding?! Are any of your incorporating SIX kids into the wedding?!

image via Blue Orchid Designs


Guilty Secret said...

Aw, so cute.

No, we're in the very strange position that none of our guests have any children. there will be either one or two thirteen-year-olds at our wedding and everyone else is adults.

*Michelle said...

That will be cute! But I wouldn't get your heart set on perfection if there are 6 young kids! Consider yourself lucky if 4 of them make it down the aisle. =) I'm with GuiltSecret - we don't have any young kids we are close to (friends or family.) So it'll be most all adults for us.

Susie said...

Gorgeous shots! I too believe in trying to incorporate children into the wedding - the unexpected always happens but that is the beauty of them - they're spontaneous and uninhibited (even if that perhaps means they don't all make it!)

I'm having two flowergirls (age 3 and 10) and their older brother will be an usher, plus I'm hoping a few other guests will be bringing their young ones too.

Good luck Jessica!

Laura said...

We had 3 boys (2 his nephews, 1 mine) and 3 girls (his nieces, 2 of which are twins and their "triplet"), and it turned out great! At the rehearsal, the youngest one pronounced that he was scared, but he totally stole the show at the ceremony and wouldn't stop grinning! I love kids in weddings...especially when something wrong happens, because it's always cute and funny.