Thursday, July 24, 2008

Google Alerts

Have you ever wondered if people are linking to your blog in one of their posts? If you didn't already know, Google Alerts will send you an e-mail when someone mentions your blog in a post!

  • go to Google Alerts
  • enter the terms that you want to monitor (i recommend you type in the first part of your blog address)
  • choose to monitor "blogs"
  • select how often you want to receive the e-mail alerts
  • type in your e-mail

There you go! Now you can see what great things other people are saying about your blog!! Your welcome!


Linda said...

Oooh! ::scurries off to try it out::

TiffanyM522 said...

LOVE Google Alerts - that is how I found your site!

I have them set up for 12 different topics

Guilty Secret said...

Thanks for the heads up this is brilliant!

Jessica Ralph said...

Thanks for sharing!