Monday, July 14, 2008

Football Fields of Ribbon

In an effort to explain why I will need 240 yards of ribbon:

Let’s discuss, shall we?!
1. Ribbon streamers I posted about here
2. Roughly one foot of ribbon will be used to bind together each program.
3. The florist stated she needs about 4 yards to wrap the BM bouquets. I rounded up just to be safe.
4. Unsure if we will wrap the GM boutonnieres, but I threw in a foot just for fun.
5. Detail on the invitations to come
6. Please let me explain my vision for the napkins:

(please forgive me, I don't have a credit for this photo. let me know if you know who took this!)

A white napkin folded with a "tuxedo fold" making a little pocket for a card I will (hopefully) soon be designing. I envision it not to be a menu, but more of a card that will detail the events of the reception. More on that later.

7. Each of the 17ish centerpieces will have a thick ribbon wrapped around it with our monogram affixed to the ribbon. (I told you I would be slapping the monogram everywhere…) The small centerpiece vases will be similar to this vase:

hy studio

So. 141+118=259 yards of ribbon. More than 2 football fields. Wish me luck.


*Michelle said...

Wow! Good Luck chicka!

Kate said...

I love the ribbon details. It definitely sounds like a lot of ribbon but I have a feeling I will be able to relate in a few months.

Melissa DiStefano said...

So just a little bit of ribbon, eh? :)

Melissa DiStefano said...

PS- Love the spreadsheet to determine quanity!

(I don't think you'll need it for the bout's...) :)

Nicole said...

where did you go to get your monogram printed on the ribbon?