Thursday, July 24, 2008

Talk Nautical to Me

As some of you know, or may have read, the first color scheme/theme that I had my heart set on for our wedding was a nautical theme. My love for all things navy and anchor related started a long time ago during summers spent at the lake and continued when I joined a sorority where the anchor stood for our ideals and beliefs. As you can imagine the name of this blog comes out of my admiration for anchors and all things nautical.
Although there will be no nautical theme for our wedding (kinda hard to pull off in a hotel ballroom in the middle of downtown Indianapolis), I had to pay tribute to my first love.

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My vision: Tables with navy table cloths complete with little sail boats and lots of white puffy flowers. Knots from sailor rope or types of flags adorning printed materials. Quaint, charming, and anchored in love.

You can always check out some of my earlier posts for nautical wedding ideas (I especially love the idea of tying sailor rope around vases and using it to bind programs!). And make sure to check out these links for more nautical wedding inspiration:

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a navy and blush pink board from blu sky designs
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the ladies at bliss events created a board with a nautical twist

I'll leave you with this little gem from the little white book:


The New Mrs. S said...

Your wedding is going to be stunning! I hope you are not second-guessing your theme. Keep up the great planning. Check out our had a nautical theme.

Prep-E Girl said...

My wedding is nautical (and on the same day as yours!). But, we decided against navy - I just love tiffany blue too much! Thanks for all the fun ideas. My mom and I are trying to get all the leftover details taken care of!


Erica said...

Your post just made my day. Some of those pics I'd seen but lost. and Some I'd never seen but had the idea. Thank you!

Zane Wooder said...

The picture of the guy kissing his girlfriend made me smile.