Monday, August 11, 2008

Copy {Click} and Paste {Volume 6}

Mommy and I bought my veil a couple weeks ago and it's taking everything within me to resist pulling it out from my closet, affixing it to my pretty little head, and twirling around in it.

We've decided that I'll only be wearing it for a teeny tiny bit of the day...for a select few pictures before the wedding and during the actual ceremony itself. After that it will go back in the closet. Sad, I know.

However, one of the aforementioned "select" pictures that the veil will make an appearance in will for sure be one like this one:

east hill photography via the brides cafe


Guilty Secret said...

Why not wear it for longer if you love it so much?

Miss G said...

hey! thanks for the comment. I just asked Adrian to buy some more of those heart stamps for me today!

I too love my veil! It's long though and wouldn't be appropriate for the reception but I still want to wear something so I'm thinking of a little tulle and flower headpiece thing. We'll see . . .


*Michelle said...

Why resist the veil wearing temptation!!? Give in and twirl!!! =) I am dying for my veil to come in so i can do just that.

Nicole said...

so how did engagement shoot go?