Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ohmygawd What Do I Wear?!

Our engagement pictures are on Sunday. As in Thursday, Friday, Saturday....SUNDAY!
On top of throwing everything from my closet into the garbage because I have NOTHING to wear I have been attempting to practice my smiles and "looks" for the camera. Just kidding. I already have 2-3 outfits picked out and I really don't have time to practice my smiles in front of the mirror. However, I have had time to scour some of my favorite photographers blogs for some engagement inspiration. Here are some of my favorites and the reasons why I love them:
These first three photos below might just be some of my all-time favorites. I love the laughter, the coy-ness, cuddli-ness and the adoration displayed. Definitely copy & paste them.

Take out the sand and replace it with a gorgeous white pier and a beautiful lake below and we could totally rock this out:The next 2 photos come from the most amazing engagement photo shoot I have ever seen. Chris is a pretty boy and I'm pretty sure that once he relaxes in front of the camera he'll be a natural.
And just because it's a cute picture:
(all photos above via jasmine star )

I love this one for the way that she is looking at him. It reminds me of how my Grandma would look at my Grandpa. And check out the sun flare! (photo by jessica claire )

Walking off hand in hand into the sunset will be a perfect ending to our e-session. Fingers crossed!
(photo via jasmine star )


Guilty Secret said...

Aw... they're going to be gorgeous :)

Good luck!

steve said...

Have fun with the pics.....wear solids but you already knew that!! and make sure you have a creeper close by watching you incase you might need a beer :)

Jasmine said...

I can't wait to see your pictures! I know they'll be awesome because Nicole is just sheer fabulousness! :)