Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Allow Me To Brag

Allow me to brag.

Tasks accomplished this weekend:
- We found and purchased the argyle socks that the groomsmen will be wearing in the wedding.
- We added items to two of our registries.
- We stopped by the tux shop and made the final decisions as to the men's attire for the big day.
- BM J picked up the BM dresses from the dress shop.
- Half of the invitations are in the mail.
- I completed thank-you cards for the wonderful wedding shower that was thrown for me last weekend

This week I will:
- Meet with the priest
- Send out the rest of the invites
- Get together outfits for engagement photo shoot (this Sunday!!!)
- Attempt to get my hair cut, tan and get a manicure
- Go to final dress fitting with Mommy and MOH on Thursday
- Go to taste testing at reception venue on Friday
- See the mock-up of the BM bouquets on Friday
- Meet with the organist at the church to determine music for ceremony on Sunday

Thus, blogging on tying the knot will be a little slow this week. Hopefully I will be back with pictures of the final invitations, pictures of the final dress fitting, and lots of updates.
Until then, remember this and this post and my ideas about taking pictures in front of a mansion on our big day? Here's just another little gem that is making me lean towards taking pictures outside the mansion...

(hy studio)


*Michelle said...

WOW productive!!!
Congrats on what you've accomplished already, and good luck on what's on the docket for this week!

Guilty Secret said...

Wow you are doing so well and so very busy! It's a wonder you have time to blog at all!