Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Post from Mommy

Mommy and I attended a family friends wedding this past weekend. So I convinced Mommy to make an appearance on my blog today and comment about one of the big questions she has related to weddings. Have a gander:

If you have been to a wedding recently, you have probably realized that once dinner is over and the dancing begins, the guys gather by the bar where the beer is flowing and the girls head to the nearest table with a friend who has gossip to share. The gossip ranges from outlandish outfits at the reception to how embarrassing the toast of the best man was. By the way, the Best Man's toast at this wedding was inappropriate to say the least. When a good song comes on, the girls disband their gossip circle momentarily and head to the dance floor. It is there that they hold their glass of wine and twirl their hand in a lasso fashion (ala "Save a horse ride a cowboy"). All along the boys stay so far away from the dance floor they would need binoculars to see it.

Long story short: How do you pull the girls away from their gossip circle and make the men put down their beers long enough to actually be within 10 feet of eachother. In the old days, the conga line was the answer. The men would unwillingly get snapped into the line and that was that. Seeing as how my daughter shudders at the thought of a conga line, I highly doubt there will be one at her wedding. Then there was the age old trick of the YMCA...but I suppose that is outdated too. What are your thoughts as to how to keep the dance floor full at the reception?
I'm back, friends, with some other observations to share from this weekend:

The bartender would pre-pour cups of beer from the tap and set them at the edge of the bar. This way there was no waiting in line if all that was desired was a cup(s) of beer. Therefore, the line for the bar was wonderfully short for those of us like me that just wanted a glass of wine. However, the beers were quite readily accessible and just begging to be consumed. Perhaps this led to too much beer being consumed since no one ever had to wait in line for it!?

At this venue the cake table was set up near the front corner of the venue. We're hoping that at our reception, the cake can be near the dance floor and be the center of attention while we cut into it. I think that while we're there we will make a speech thanking everyone for coming.

Here was the real kicker for my Mom. The priest never said "I now pronounce you husband and wife." He just introduced the new couple and they kissed and practically ran down the aisle before anyone could even stand up and start clapping!! For the money that you are giving to the priest, you better actually get a pronouncement out of it!



Vote Judge Feick said...

Coming from a Catholic point of view, I think it is against Catholic tradition to say those words (my parents were trying to remember if they were uttered at their combo methodist-catholic wedding). Every Catholic or Luteran wedding I have attended they do not say it. Catholic friends who I consulted via email about this said they assumed it was against catholic wedding tradition; however, I am sure if you ask the officant (priest or deacon)they may allow it. Just food for thought! FYI-WHEN ARE YOU ENGAGEMENT PICS GOING TO UP?!?!?!?IM DYING!
Take Care Darling,
Jennifer Feick

Vote Judge Feick said...

oops, Lutheran*

*Michelle said...

Jessica: Its an odd thing to focus on as a trend (in my opinion) but apparently the way the couple gets introduced or pronounced is now very individualized and for whatever reason, people are leading away from the "i now pronounce you" phrase. I have no idea.

Jessica's Mom: Welcome! I agree that I have seen the same odd parting of the sexes and it kinda sucks for those of us girls who love to dance and want the guys to join! For our wedding - WE are putting the bar/party/lounge area... right next to the dance floor!! =D Much easier to drag the boys onto the floor from only 10 feet away!

Jackie said...

We actively searched for a band that was known to be a lot of fun just for this reason! For our first song of the night (besides the dance songs, of course) the band made an announcement...something like, "If you love, are friends with, family of, or just met Jackie and Alson, come out onto the dance floor for a special song. Then they played "We Are Family" and it got everyone dancing right away. IT WAS AWESOME! They kept everyone out on the floor the entire night and it was a blast. Perhaps something like that would give a strong start for your reception as well?

Also, I went to a Catholic wedding a month before our wedding and they didn't say "you may kiss the bride". I know the bride was really mad because she specifically asked the priest to say it because he was known to leave it out!

Vote Judge Feick said...

Hey Jess and Mair,

FYI- talked to my Priest today, he said that the reason they don't say that is because it is a sacremant. The only person that can pronounce you and ask for you to kiss the bride is "God" in the eyes of the church. He said he has been asked to do it and will...but laughed and said "I got straight to the confessional afterwards, though." So, check with Chris and his fam to decide (since they are the Catholic ones), also check with the priest and make sure he won't be offended. The preist also said a "deacon" can be more liberal in how he does the service.

I hope that helps!
Jen Feick

Guilty Secret said...

I read on a blog somewhere that the best way to get everyone dancing was for the bride and groom to stay on the dance floor. I'm looking forward to trying it out :)