Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's About To Happen

My friends, it's about to happen. In 45 days, Chris and I will be married!

I think that it hit us this weekend when we were taking our engagement photos...six-ish weeks and we will actually be married. It seems like just yesterday we were at the beginning of the planning process and attempting to determine the church we would marry in! Sooner than I can imagine, the day will come and we will be:

Just married! (photo via the yellow brick blog)

Please be understanding if posting is sparse in the coming days...there is just too much to do. xo


Miss G said...

sooo exciting! We're right behind you! It is becoming more real and it's crazy! Wow! Hope you get everything done that you want to today. I need to get busy myself! Kelly

Anonymous said...

Ah! I am so excited and so honored to stand by you on your wedding day. The entire day will be great and so much fun. Can't wait!!

Guilty Secret said...

Oh, the excitement! Eek!