Monday, August 11, 2008

The Weekend


  • Hair trial went horribly wrong. I have pictures, but no one will ever see them. Debating about doing another trial (for $40...ugh) or just praying that it will turn out decent the day-of.
  • Bouquet sample looked worse than I could have ever imagined. I shed a tear while sitting at the florist. The raspberry was pretty much hot pink and the light peach was bright yellow. Ironically, they got the plum color right. Overall, it looked nothing like the picture (below) that I had given them to use as the inspiration. Bouquet mock-up #2 will come Friday. Cross your fingers people.

  • Marriage license obtained. Good for 60 days.
  • Taste testing at the reception hall went better than we could have imagined. Way better. Let me just say that the mashed potatoes are divine.


  • Met with church organist. Picked out traditional church pieces.
  • Had our engagement session with Nicole and Dan. The five pictures she showed us on her camera are so amazingly fantastic that I cannot even begin to put into words how fabulous they are. And to top it off, friends of ours cooked us a wonderful dinner around 9pm after we had used their cottage to "shoot" at.

Sorry so short. Stay tuned.


Ms. Bliss said...

I have been dissapointed with flowers as well! I think all of the Martha mags led me to believe that I could get apple blossoms, ranunculous, peonies and garden roses in any color imaginable at any time of year. When my florist actually showed me what WAS available for my wedding, I wanted to shed a tear too! But we have worked together to find flowers and colors that I'm sure I will love on the day of the wedding (even if they aren't what I had originally envisioned).

Molly said...

I think the bumps in the road are just like a dress rehearsal, you know? The rehearsal is never great but opening night is a success. Everything will come together, I promise. :)

Guilty Secret said...

Sorry to hear the hair and flowers went badly, but they're just trials and you can work them out. The important thing is that the real stuff that wasn't a rehearsal (marriage license, engagement photos) went well. And the food was excellent? For me, that would make up for everything!

nicole green said...

i can't waaaaait for you to see your photos! :) i seriously cannot pic a favorite!

Miss G said...

I'm sorry that everything didn't go as well as you'd hoped. I think the bumps in the road are all part of the process. I've been having some definite stress moments of my own. We'll get there though! Among some other really sweet things my mom's good friend said when my mom asked her to pray for our stress was, "Just take a deep breath and relax. It will be over before you know it and you need to cherish this special time because it is a once in a life time event." Hope your week is going well this week! Kelly