Friday, December 28, 2007

Bridal Show Poll

Saturday January 5th Perfect Wedding Guide is hosting a Bridal Show in downtown Indianapolis. I am so excited to go, mostly due to the abundance of cake samples, but the fiance isn't as thrilled to attend. Is it wrong of me to ask him to go? Obviously it's what he would CHOOSE to be doing at 11am on a Saturday morning, but I would really appreciate it if he went to it with me to shared in the wedding planning bliss...even if it is just for an hour or two.

So, my newest poll asks the question:
Did your husband/will your fiance join you at a bridal show during your engagement period?!

{Results: 21 votes. yes: 8, no: 13}


Linda said...

There's a wedding show in Seattle the same day. I asked my FI if he wanted to go to taste the cakes too. He says he trusts me and my MOH to pick one out. Although he's been good in helping me pick at caterer.

Chitown Bride said...

I would leave him at home. Unless they have a guy's room where they are showing one of the football games or something. As females- we love oogling over the cakes, invites, on the other hand - could careless.