Wednesday, December 5, 2007

On The Outs

I found my way over to the blog Planning Forever today and found a post on the top 4 wedding traditions that are on their way out. Here's my take on the 4 traditions she says we can live without:

1. The bouquet/garter toss. Let's face it. NO ONE wants to go out on the dance floor to catch the bouquet or the garter. And I'm not sure what bride is excited about being seated in front of her guests with her new husband taking his time searching for her garter. I'm crossing my fingers that I can eliminate this tradition.

picture from: Skiles Photo Blog
2. Formal guest books. Now be honest, will you ever pull out your guest book more than 2 times after your wedding? Doubtful. Many couples are opting for having guests sign photo mats, fill out wedding wishes on slips of paper, or get creative in a photo booth. I'm leaning towards the photo mat that can be displayed in our home.
3. Not seeing eachother before the wedding. I understand that most brides still want the first glimpse of her the fiance/husband gets that day is when the church doors open or when she comes down the aisle. I get it. I was like that too. Until I realized that I could squeeze in so many more GREAT pictures and time with my future husband in the hour or two before the ceremony. And then the moment that the church doors open won't be as overwhelming and I won't much.
4. The champagne toast for everyone at the wedding. Although I like the gesture, it is expensive to give each guest a flute of champagne for them to toast with. I think that it is acceptable for guests to toast with whatever they have in their, wine, or a martini, it all works the same!

And now for my own personal touch:
5. Giving a favor just to give a favor. Unless its a tasty piece of chocolate, I would prefer not to get a favor at a wedding. I must have at least five 2x3 picture frames stashed somewhere that I have still not put a picture in. I have a burnt CD from a friends' wedding that my parents listened to once, but that was about it. And the little candle? Probably won't use it. Don't give a favor just to give a favor. Hint: Going with the candy buffet like my friend Kristen is going to do will please everyone!
What wedding tradition could you do without?!


planning...forever events said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! And you are right about the favors!! Ugh. Do you know how many of those silly things I clean up after a wedding?

Love your wedding location in Indy (I'm just south of you). I think I may have to blog stalk you for awhile, your posts are interesting!

Belle said...

I'm not doing any of these except for the champagne toast. Fiance's mom thinks it's a sin we are seeing other before the ceremony, but I'm more practical then sentimental.

Lucky Designs said...

I completely agree with #3. I definitely did not want to see my husband before the wedding. It was so exciting to see him waiting for me!

i love being mrs. r said...

i'd have to disagree with you on some points.

1. we did the bouquet garter and had very many people standing anxiously waiting to catch. my husband was also 'set up' by one of his groomsmen...instead of taking the garter off of me..he tried to take it off of my mom...blindfolded and was hilarious and you should have seen the crowd gathered around to watch!

2. i agree with the guest book. so we opted to have mattes to sign. we did two. we had an engagement picture blown up to an 8x10 and the other one i just drew stick figures of a bride & groom - instead of leaving it blank - we are waiting for a wedding photo to put in it.

3. the idea of not seeing eachother to me was important. i wanted people to be there to see the expression on both my face as well as my husbands the moment we saw eachother. i thought it was important for those who took the time to spend the day with us - to be a part of all of the events.

4. the champagne toast - i thought the same thing - you can toast with what you have...however we did opt for the champagne toast for everyone at our head table (check with your venue...they may do venue had a coupon that allowed the head table toast to be free...see what deal you can work out).

5. the favors - we chose favors that people could use again...'love' coasters...picture coasters...frames. they may seem tacky to some (dove shaped candles), but we had people asking us if we had extras that they could complete a set, etc.

those are just my thoughts. good luck to you in all your planning.

Linda said...

I'm with you on the garter toss. No thanks. Also not doing a bouquet toss.
But we doing favors, we choose something we know people would use again-a corkscrew. I think I stole the idea from another bride...

aletha jo said...

ooh, i agree with you! those are all on their way out the door.

Elizabeth said...

Since our ceremony doesnt start until 7pm we will definitely see each other before to do pictures! I am still up in the air about favors....I dont know what to do!

WeddingWire Blog said...

I totally agree with not doing useless favors. I've found cookies also can make great favors that everyone can enjoy.

aletha @ pearls events said...

Again, thanks for this. I linked to Planning Forever's blog and I HAD to post about this as well. There is also something for YOU on my page--and B&W knottie bio that I came across. I am really hoping you haven't seent it yet :)

elizabeth said...

i think that there are so many brides that succomb to traditions on their wedding day just for the sake of doing what everyone else has been doing. i love that we're finally jumping out of this mold and moving toward something more unique!