Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An Open Letter....

Dear Jessica Strickland, Jessica Claire, Jasmine Star, and Stacey Kane:
(photo by Stacey Kane)
Why oh why must your torture me so? I read your blogs each and everyday and sit in amazement. And then amazement leads a twinge of depression. For example:

(photo above: Jessica Strickland. photo below: Jessica Claire.)

(photo below: Jasmine Star.)

These pictures are so amazing that I sometimes get a twinge of depression knowing that I could never fork over the amount of $$$ (that is well worth it) to book you as my photographer.
So, I would like to make a simple request. Stop taking amazing pictures like the ones above. Now I'm not asking you to stop taking pictures all together, I realize that you do have to make a living somehow. So feel free to continue to take pictures of babies, family portraits, etc. Just no wedding or engagement pictures. It would make me feel much better. Thank you.


aletha @ pearls events said...

LOL! You crack me up! I did the same thing, but would cruise local wedding photog sites, wishing I would have booked someone else. In the end, I was very happy with our photographer, but in the planning stage when you're obsessed with everything, it's hard not to keep looking and dreaming! :)

elizabeth said...

you're SO right. i'm dying for Jessica Claire and moving earth and fire in my budget to try to make it happen. :(

Ten Thousand Only said...

i second the motion!

btw, did you know jessica claire once offered the opportunity of a lifetime to people like us? she held a contest where you had to submit a letter on behalf of the bride or groom explaining why they were the most deserving of her genius eye. well, she didn't exactly say it that way but basically, that's what it was! and i was truly moved by some of the entries she posted on her blog. grooms wrote for their brides, mothers wrote for their daughters, bffs wrote for their bffs. ultimately, i think she awarded 3 couples with a free wedding photo package. that's right. FREE.

jessica claire, please do it again!!!