Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nearlywed Websites

If you haven't yet registered and paid for a wedding website elsewhere, you HAVE to check out Nearlyweds.com

Nearlyweds will give you an ad-free wedding website complete with the following features:
- a blog
- unlimited photo hosting
- online rsvp
- ability to upload a song/music file to play on your site
- the usual sharing of directions, wedding info, the proposal story, etc.
- bridal party pictures and bio
- allow guests to comment and share stories and pictures of their own
- fabulous, fresh, and colorful non-cookie-cutter template designs
- 2 years of hosting

All for the low price of $50. But, if you go to the bottom of the home page here you can get the discount code for 2 years of hosting for only $35! Or go to What Junebug Loves! and get the discount code for 10% off!

Check out a screen shot I took of the Peony template:

and the Spectacular design Love the idea. Love the designs. Love the price. Thanks to Christy at What Junebug Loves! for the heads up!

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Lucky Designs said...

The spectacular design is very cute!