Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Splash of Color

Everyone loves a good splash of color...especially at a wedding.

(l to r: Chitown Bride, the knot, SpringChic, istock, the knot, CCLA bio)
A vibrant pink bouquet, a red table cloth at the reception, or grass green accents sparkled throughout the day are sure to catch the eye of your guests at any wedding.
What is your wedding "color scheme?" How are you incorporating color into your day? Maybe you are taking after Classic Bride and opting for the all white wedding. Regardless, I would love to know your vision for how color will play into your big day.
Sidenote: This post is not because I am thinking about changing my color scheme....or maybe it is....but that's not necessarily the point of this post....

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christel said...

Hi Jessica. My wedding was on Nov 3rd, 2007 and my color scheme I used was brown, orange, and ivory. What inspired me to use those colors was a picture on theknot.com. It was of a bride with her bridesmaids dressed in brown holding orange and red rose bouquets. I didn't want a "fall" wedding but I loved how the orange just popped out against the brown. I used orange in my flowers, centerpieces, favors, and aisle runner.