Wednesday, December 19, 2007


So lately I have been attempting to squeeze raspberry into the color scheme for the wedding. Most of the time, the response I get when I tell people is: "Raspberry!? Why would you want to throw THAT color into the palette!?"

Since hearing that response about ten too many times, (granted, I have only told ten people) I have stopped attempting to explain to people that raspberry isn't evil.

Style Me Pretty started my obsession with a plum/raspberry paring with this inspiration board:

Now granted, a little yellow/gold is incorporated into this board...but I could take or leave that portion of it.

So, what do you think!? I was envisioning adding the raspberry into the BM's bouquets with the plum and into the floral arrangements at the reception. That's all. Nothing TOO major. Just a little extra kick of color. Thoughts?!


Linda said...

I like the raspberry. it pops against the purple very well.

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

raspberry is a great b'maids color - it looks great on brunettes

meg said...

I love raspberry! We're doing Raspberry and Tangerine (sounds so yummy) and I never get tired of it.

Sarah Wight said...

I'm doing plum as well and accenting with burnt orange... I saw the palette from Modern Bride and LOVE IT!!! I really like the idea of plum and raspberry together, looks beautiful... I'm just wondering if it will show up well in pictures together?

Sarah Wight said...

I'm doing plum for my main color and a peach with burnt orange to accent. I saw the palette in modern bride and it was sooo beautiful. Very elegant. I do like the raspberry, just wondering if it's going to show in pictures against the plum?