Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What To Toss?

The post today is dedicated to one of my best friends, Kristen. Kristen is getting married in May (to Terry) and would like some input as doing a "ceremony toss" or the "grand exit."
Option 1. The grand exit would occur at the very end of the reception. After the "last call" all of the remaining guests would gather outside the venue to see Kristen & Terry off as they jump into a carriage for a ride around Monument Circle & downtown Indianapolis.
(image property of Jessica Strickland)
I love this idea because it's so classic and Kodak moment-ish!
Option 2. The ceremony toss, obviously, occurs right after the ceremony. Kristen would be deciding between having the guests toss biodegradable confetti, rose petals, or blow bubbles.
  • Confetti can be customized in Kristen and Terry's wedding colors (plum and green) and packaged for the guests in SO many cute ways!
(image via our stellar photographer Nicole Green )
  • Rose petals are SO romantic and beautiful. Kristen, you really can't go wrong with this one!
(image property of Jessica Strickland )
  • I love the bubble idea! Besides the whole "it will stain the dress" mentality, its so fun and fresh and carefree.
(image via weddingbee & Scott Robert)

So here is where you, my fabulous readers come into play!
1. Vote on the poll (at the top right of the blog) for what you think Kristen should do!
2. Comment on this post with your knowledge, experience, opinion, etc. as to the cost of any of the options, the benefits/drawbacks of any of the options, or any resources that you might have for her! My goal is to get at least 30 votes to help her decide and 10 comments for her to peruse!
She thanks you in advance!!
{Results: 17 votes. grand exit: 4, biodegradable confetti: 3, rose petals: 8, blow bubbles 2}


elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i voted! i love the grand exit. :)

sarah said...

oooh, if she decides on the grand exit, i think sparklers would be fun ... imagining guests waving those under a clear night sky seems very magical to me.

if she decides on the ceremony toss, i'd go with cones of rose petals.

i didn't vote since i couldn't decide ... both would be beautiful. hmmm, would it be bad to do both? why not? :o)

Kristen said...

Thanks, Jess! Great post and this will be so helpful to me.

The sparklers is a fun idea! One more thing to think about.

Thanks to everyone who votes and makes a comment. All suggestions are much needed! :)

Linda said...

It depends what they leave for the grand exit. My friend did that and there were only 5 of us that stayed (out of 200). It was too late for many guests-around 10pm at night.
I saw this other option for rose petals on Manolo for the Bride (http://manolobrides.com/2007/12/18/steer-clear-of-petals-that-pollute/).
My vote would be a ceremony toss. Everyone will be around for it and I love the photos it can produce.

Lucky Designs said...

I am usually not a huge fan of the rose petal toss, but I do love this picture from a Cincinnati knottie - Sparkle2006.


nicole green said...

if it's a late exit, sparklers are always fun! :)

planning...forever events said...

well...my vote is rose petals, for several reasons. will your photographer hang around until the very end of the reception to take a picture of you getting into the carriage? most will not. will it be too dark to get a good shot? probably. also, let's be honest, the only people left at the reception by that time are your drunk friends!!

confetti is cute, but may embed into your hairdo. rose petals are the best effect for both pictures and frankly, they don't hurt. you just need to make sure it's okay to throw them at your church.

sorry to be so logical, this is what i do for a living.