Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Florist

Tomorrow, I am going to be meeting with two florists.
Each of them asked for me to bring in pictures of what I want the floral arrangements for my wedding to look like. Problem. I have no idea. I mean, I have THOUGHT about it...but I am not even close to deciding. So. here are my thoughts:

My bouquet: I'm leaning towards an white, not too leafy, hand tied with ribbon, and very simple bouquet. Faye & Greer posted this board a while ago and I love them all:

{Clockwise: ranunculus bouquet from The Knot, anemone bouquet from Artfool, peony bouquet by Artfool via The Knot, hydrangea & rose bouquet from The Knot}
Ceremony info: Chris would like the BM's to carry some sort of plum/raspberry arrangement and have the GM's wear plum vests. Boutonnieres are still up in the air. BM's will still be wearing black dresses and obviously the GM's will be wearing black suits.
Reception info: I'm steering away from the "branchy" centerpiece idea. I would like to have half of the tables featuring a small simple arrangement of one of the above white flowers. I'm now thinking that the other half of the tables will have some sort of tall vase with floating candles to compliment the light the two massive (at least 10'x6' long) chandeliers will be giving off.
Help! Do you have any pictures of white bouquets like the ones that I have described above? Better yet, do you have any pictures/links to a plum/raspberry BM bouquet or GM boutonniere? And I'm sure that I will have to play around with the centerpiece ideas, but any other thoughts on the candlelight centerpieces?! Send any links and info my way! I have added a section on my blog page with a link to where you can send me your e-mails! Thanks so much!!


Lucky Designs said...

Jessica - I love the details from Evoke Photography's blog. Have fun!

Sarita said...

I can't find the link to send you an email but I have found this blog to be very helpful with flower inspiration:

Also stylemepretty recently did a whole slew of purple stuff which I'm sure you saw.

GL and happy flower creating!

saundra said...

here's a hint jessica....when you have your dress altered save a scrap of the fabric and have your florist wrap your bouquet.

the result is beautiful!

jessica lynn said...

ohhh what a GREAT idea!!! thanks so much!!!

Mai said...

I love all white bouquets. Simple yet very elegant!

saundra said...

it's what i!

Yumi's Blog said...

Well, that bouquet was so lovely, perfect for wedding. Nice post.

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