Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Laundry List and Addressing the Envelopes

I think I have gone off the deep end. The past two days while at work my thoughts have been consumed with thoughts of how much ribbon I am going to need to order and what invitation design we should go with. At night I come home and sit in front of the computer for HOURS further agonizing over said thoughts that have been bottled up and filed away thorough out the day. While said ideas are bottled up and filed away, they multiply. All of a sudden, before I know it, I have created/dreamed up more projects for myself to do. For example: Clearly I couldn't just address my invitations by hand....that would take hours since I would re-do them all once they begin to look even a smidge crooked. So, I dreamed up the idea of creating a design to use in addressing our envelopes and then printing them out on my printer. Behold:

The back of the envelopes (for the return address) will be stamped with my parent's address via an ink stamp I purchased from expressionery .

Back to business. Please humor me while I share with you our remaining laundry/ to-do list as we have EXACTLY (gulp) 3 months and 1 day until our wedding. Please appreciate the fact that I alphabetized the list for your reading enjoyment.

  • agonize over whether to use the reception hall's standard white card box, or make a fabulous plum one.
  • buy (white) shoes and earrings for the big day in time for next fitting
  • create day of timeline/schedule for the parents, 'maids, and vendors
  • design seating chart for the reception once the RSVPs start coming in
  • enjoy the taste testing at the reception hall. attempt to pick out chicken that doesn't taste like rubber
  • finish invitations...before throwing them out the window
  • get thru the rest of the fittings without letting the alterations lady take me to the cleaners
  • hope the hair and make-up trials go alright
  • investigate that stuff that plugs tear ducts so i don't cry like a baby and ruin my make-up
  • just breathe
  • keep searching for gifts for the bridal party and parents as well as ties and socks for the groomsmen.
  • line up day of transportation
  • make or rent table runners for reception that are the perfect shade of plum
  • notify florist of when we want to see a mock-up of the bouquets
  • order tuxes for the men
  • peruse the mall for beachware for the honeymoon
  • question if i will be able to design the programs myself while staying sane
  • rehearsal and rehearsal dinner time and details still need to be established
  • scrutinize the pros and cons of having either a candy bar, favor boxes filled with chocolate, or no favors at all
  • try to find more things we can slap our monogram onto
  • undertake making a sign to lead our guests from the parking garage to the ballroom where our reception will be held
  • veil needs to be purchased at some point in time
  • welcome bags for out of town guests need to start taking shape
  • x, y, and z are impossible.


Kelly said...

I did wrap around labels instead of hand writing and people really liked them! i got lots of compliments. I know etiquette says to handwrite, but I think if your label is done well and is a "sneak peak" of what is in the envelope, that is just as nice. Go for the labels and save yourself the headache!

jessica lynn said...

i threw etiquitte out the window a LONG time ago :) no hand addressing for this bride-to-be!

Molly said...

I'm 3 months and 28 days away. And now I'm freaking out that I haven't made a laundry list. omigod.

Candice said...

Hang in their hunny buns!

Nicole said...

what program are you using for your invites? im in the process of ordering a monogram...i see the different styles of invites you have question is..HOW DID YOU DO IT!THANX

jessica lynn said...

hey nicole: i commented on your blog regarding your comment here. if you want more info just e-mail me!

The New Mrs. S said...

I have an amazing timeline that my wedding planner put together. It breaks everything down to the minute! Let me know if you are interested :)