Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dear Wedding Fairies,
What have I done to you?! Seriously. I mean, I try to be a good little bride-to-be...really I do! I blog almost everyday, except some weekends since I am with Christopher. I even started "pre-planning" a good two months before the proposal!

So you would think that you, the wedding fairies, would look down on me with favor and shower me with wedding planning luck. Wedding planning luck, however, is not what I am having.

Today you informed me that all three of my potential catholic churches for the big day would cost $1,000 to rent for a mere two hours. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! And that doesn't even include the priest, organist, etc. Seriously, one thousand dollars!? I thought this wedding was occurring in Indianapolis, not NYC. Absurd.

Today you also informed me that peonies, the flower I have been dreaming of for my bouquet, is only available during the months of May and June. At any other time of the year the peony would have to be imported from Holland. I am sad to say that my September wedding will therefore not be graced with the presence of peonies.

Today you also informed me that the date that Chris and I have picked is in the middle of the NFL season opener weekend. Thus, if the Colts are at home I'm sure that downtown will be nothing less than a migraine.

One day...you had to tell me all of this on one day!? Thank God for family, friends, and Christopher that have talked me out of my impulse to jet off to an exotic island and get married with no hassles attached. Please tell me what I can to do get back in your good graces oh wedding fairies!!
jessica lynn
(PS please excuse the lack of pict with this post. I am without inspiration at the moment.)


Elizabeth said...

$1000???? Wow! That just seems crazy! Surely they would want to encourage young Catholics who want to be married in the church, this seems kinda the opposite! Dont give up hope, everything will work out!!

classic bride said...

i can sooooo relate to this right now. especially the PEONIES!! after moving our date from the spring to the fall, that was the first thing i thought of -- i won't be able to have my peony bouquet! have you thought about other flower choices? it almost pains me to think of different options - my heart was so set on peonies!! :o( we kept running into high church fees, too, and finally decided to try and have the ceremony/reception in the same locale to keep costs lower.

good luck with it! like elizabeth said, everything will work out! :o)

aletha @ pearls events said...

Okay--try the Old English Garden Rose in place of the peony. I'm planning a wedding for a bride in September as well, and that is what the florist suggested.

About everything else--SORRY!

Darci said...

It will work out! This was how I felt when I started planning too, but I swear to you it will work out. Agreed with Althea - my florist suggested english garden/"cabbage" roses instead of peonies. They can treat them to get them to open up really wide and look like peonies. Google them, you'll find lots of pictures!

Kristen said...

I know everything can seem very overwhelming and disheartening at at times, but everything does work out! The best thing about a wedding is and what I have tried to keep in mind throughout the stress is that you will be marrying the love of your life and your best friend and past your wedding day you will live a wonderful and happy life together and will never have to worry about peonies or organists again or what color goes with what color! Keep your head up! Love ya!

jessica lynn said...

kristen, that's why i love you!