Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Status Update

I love to-do lists. I would create to-do lists all day and everyday if I could. Creating a "pretty" to do list using a sharpie marker and a post-it is one of my favorite past times. I almost have as much fun creating the to-do list as I have crossing the items off of the list. Lately, however, I have begun to resent to-do to-do lists. Each and every time I log onto The Knot our to-do list has grown and I still have not been able to cross anything off.

Take a look at our planning timeline that I created way before we were engaged:

this timeline is courtesy of miss daffodil, get the link to her timeline here
It is now almost December of 2007 and the only thing that has been accomplished is the draft of the guest list, which was only accomplished last night. As you can see above, the priest, church, hotel, reception site, and photographer were all supposed to have been booked BEFORE November. We don't even have our wedding party selected yet!
As for the tasks that were to have begun by December....only the wedding gown search and the honeymoon research have begun.
As of today there is nothing, but the guest list draft, that I can cross off the to-do list. Nothing!

But, I am getting my sharpie ready to cross off some items because here is the plan for this weekend:

  • Chris and I are checking out 4 reception hall locations on Saturday and hopefully putting down a deposit sometime next week.
  • We are meeting with the priest on Sunday...hopefully he will agree to marry us!
  • Visiting 2 churches in Indianapolis and make a final decision on where we will have the ceremony.
  • Deciding the wedding party.

The weekend of December 15th or 22 will (hopefully) be spent testing out various venues for the rehearsal dinner, determining our photographer, and deciding on a website to host our wedding information.

What were you most excited to cross off your wedding checklist?


elizabeth said...

i know it's so obvious but i was so relieved to find our venue - it really helps to bring everything together. also, i'm very excited to get the photographer out of the way, that to me is the most important decision since the pictures (and the man!) are all you take with you. :)

Chitown Bride said...

Once you get your venue and photographer - you will feel so much better. That was where I was feeling extreme pressure! I can't wait to check off my invitations. I have spent way too many hours looking at so many beautiful invites. I just can't decide!

Linda said...

I was very excited to have the venue booked. I'll be excited when we have a caterer. Not yet!

Rachelle said...

Is there a way to make your planning calendar bigger?