Wednesday, November 14, 2007

For the Pews & Chairs

Adding a little "bling" to the ends of pews or chairs at your wedding venue will have all of your guests taking note. Forget the standard draped tulle and make a statement with something different... (all pictures taken from The Knot)
1. Words cannot express how much I love this pew decor (but perhaps you could sense my love for it because of how often I have posted the picture on my blog)! How elegant, fresh, and classy!
2. Pomanders are all the rage. I love them for flower girls and for the end of the aisle. These flowers can even do double duty and have a place in the reception!
3. And now we're taking the pomanders outside and putting them on shepherd's it.
4. The simplicity of this pew/chair decor is what I love. It works perfectly with the outdoor venue.
5. The alternating flowers are refreshing to see. I love how the ribbon is blowing in the wind and catching the eye.
6. Tin buckets on the side of the pew/chair are affordable and unique and can also work into the reception decor!
And I still love the candle-lit ceremony's what my parents did!

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