Tuesday, November 20, 2007

To be Thankful...

As Thanksgiving approaches, it is important to take time to reflect on what one is truly thankful for. Here are some of my meandering thoughts:

  • To Microsoft Excel. Thank you for helping me to create a spreadsheet for everything under the sun related to wedding planning. I have only been engaged for 20 days and already I have six fully functioning spreadsheets with multiple tabs and mind boggling color coding.
  • To Flickr. Before I discovered you, all of my images were hosted in one giant wedding folder on my desktop. Now, I have hosted them with you and they are nicely organized and readily available to upload to your friend, the Mosaic Maker to turn into beautiful inspiration boards. Ala, my newest plum inspiration board which will be making an appearance later this evening.
  • To the Internet. How in the world did a woman plan her wedding without the Internet? I mean seriously, forget it.
  • To pretty, full, white hydrangeas that are almost as pretty as peonies. Since it would cost more than a month's of my apartment rent just to SHIP over peonies from Holland for my wedding, thank you for being in season during the month of my wedding. I appreciate it.

  • To My Monogram. When Erin at Lucky Me! made you for me, I was on cloud 9. You have inspired me and I am so ready to plaster you on all of my invitations, escort cards, save the dates.....
  • To my Favorite Blogs. Thank you for getting me through the day, providing me with snippets of inspiration, and for allowing me to copy and paste your ideas into my wedding vision.
  • Ohhhhh, and my fiance! Without him this whole wedding kind of wouldn't be possible.

However, one thing came to my mind that I am not thankful for:

  • To Martha Stewart. You make me want to replicate everything in your magazines, all of which would come at a great cost to me and are therefore unaffordable and unattainable. I mean, individual monogram sponge cakes!? You just HAD to didn't you? Only kidding Martha, but your expert craftiness and perfection does get a little out of control at times. Let's work on that.

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