Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Light Bright

Now I know that in my last post I went on a little semi-serious rant about Martha Stewart.
And you can't blame me for that. I don't think that there isn't a person out there that doesn't pick up a MS magazine and stare in awe at her creations, and then resent seeing them because her perfection cannot be matched. And although I dislike her unmatchable perfection,
that doesn't mean that I can't still oogle over the projects featured in her magazines.

Check out this DIY light bright project:
Ala new piece of inspiration! I am thinking about putting one board covered in white fabric and one board covered in black fabric as a backer on various tables around my reception: escort card table, gift table, etc. I love the simplicity of the "firework" pattern and I think that it would add a little sparkle to my reception!
Go here for directions on how to make your own Light Bright!!

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elizabeth said...

this is a fantastic idea! and yes, martha is amazing. but almost *too* amazing.