Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wedding Bells

This weekend was a big weekend for Chris and I! We spent time planning, visiting with my parents, catching up with my co-workers, walking along the canal, and visiting cathedrals for our wedding.

Saint Mary's Cathedral:
This cathedral had beautiful stained glass windows that let in SO much light. The pews and the marble columns were gorgeous and ornate and the space itself was breathtaking! There was even a courtyard out back!
Saints Peter & Paul Cathedral:
This space was just as beautiful, but in a different way. The pews were replaced with actual seats and there was a basin of holy water at the center of the entry way in the back of the church.

Next weekend we will be finding a church in Cincinnati to attend regularly, inquiring about marriage counseling, and perhaps finding a priest to preside over our ceremony!

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Belle said...

I just found your cute blog and thought I would say hello. I'm getting married in March and am also using black and white damask for a few wedding relating things.