Monday, November 26, 2007


This weekend my parents and I were reception hall shopping and actually came across a centerpiece idea we all loved! Three tall cases of alternating sizes were stuffed loosely with branches and a large white hydrangea sat propped up on the very bottom of the vase, amidst the twigs.

The arrangement was simple, affordable, and would add height to the tables at the reception hall. I would like to place the tall twig centerpieces at every other table and place a smaller and shorter gathering of hydrangeas at the other tables.

I found this picture on The Knot that captures some of what I am envisioning.

I would love to wrap/tie a thick plum ribbon around at least 1/2 of the vase.

And then I found this picture on The Knot and I would decorate the church like this in a heartbeat if I was going for a winter wonderland or fairytale themed wedding. The last thing that I need to do is think about changing my theme...again...

Are any of you doing anything twiggy or have some twiggy inspiration to share?!


elizabeth said...

This knot bio is fantastic - she used a lot of branches as her decor.

Hope this helps and love your blog!

SarahLisa said...

I will have a winter wedding this year and I am looking for the name of these twigs. I can't find anything comparable on any website here in Germany.
I will also ask my florist but still...I wanted to buy them online and decorate them myself. Would be great if you could help me with this!!

Presley Angel 22 said...

Hi, SarahLisa I am also having a winter wedding and was trying to find the name of these twigs also. Did you have any luck finding the name?


Zane Wooder said...

I would never want to have a winter wedding. I don't want to reminded of the cold and I don't want to be cold.