Monday, November 12, 2007


In envisioning my wedding with my previous theme in mind, I thought I would carry a green bouquet. Now, with this new theme of "A Black & White Soiree" I am liking the idea of a bouquet of white peonies like the ones on the first row below:

(all images via The Knot)

My bridesmaids will be wearing black dresses and I am now toying with what color of bouquets I will have them carry. I am in love with the light pink and raspberry peony bouquets above in the second row, but my accent color will be plum, not pink.

So it's back to the picture galleries for the bridesmaids' bouquets, but I think I'm set on the white peonies for my beautiful bouquet. Any thoughts on plum bridesmaids bouquets?

I also love the idea of wrapping the bouquet in a pretty white ribbon and affixing a broach or a locket as a special touch!


Darci said...

I really had my heart set on peonies too! Our florist told us that they're really only available in May/June, but for a September wedding we could import them from Holland...for a price that would make your head spin :( But agreed, they're beautiful!

jessica lynn said...

What!?! I didn't know that! That makes my heart sink.