Friday, November 16, 2007

Escort Me!

Needless to say the best part of the wedding, for the guests at least, is the reception! When guests walk into your reception the first detail they see is normally some sort of escort card. The escort card will inform your guest(s) of the table that they will be sitting at for the reception. Take a look at some of these amazing escort cards:
(all pictures from The Knot)
1. I love the idea of hanging escort cards from ribbon when having the reception outdoors. And you can bring in a hint of your color palette by using ribbons that match your scheme.
2. There is nothing I love more than something that is neatly arranged and packaged. Written on the outside of the envelope is the name of the guest and assigned table number. Inside the envelope you could even leave a personal message to each guest!
3. These postcard escort cards are so creative!!
4. The sand dollars sitting in sand is a favorite of mine for sure...almost makes me want to have a beach wedding!
5. These escort cards each hang from bamboo stalk and they double as favors that every guest can take home and grow!
6. My friend Kristen is collecting wine corks to serve as escort card/place card it!
7. I had to throw this one in here for my old theme ....which I still love.
8. From Mrs. Anayisnins' bio . Check it out if you haven't already. What a wonderful winter wedding.
Happy escorting! And have a great weekend! I am going out with the girls tonight, trying on my top 5 dresses for my parents tomorrow, and then heading to Cincinnati to go to the Bengals game with Christopher and our friends! Back to posting Sunday-ish.

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