Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Royal Monogram

Imagine my delight when I took some time this afternoon to browse my favorite blogs and came across a monogram designed especially for me at Lucky Me!

It is everything that I could have hoped for, and more! My jaw is still on the ground. I am putting this monogram on everything that I possibly can.
-Save the dates
-At the top of the invitation
-On the seal of the invitation
-Perhaps stamping it on the back of the outer envelope
-On the escort cards, if I can get away with it
-On the front of the programs

Am I forgetting anything?!

PS: Lucky Designs just branched out a little bit into Lucky Baby!
What a cute idea and a great little blog! Check it out at Lucky Baby!

Thanks again Lucky Me! ....I owe you big time for the latest piece of inspiration you have shared with me!


elizabeth said...

you could also put it on your OOT bags and menus if you are having them.

Zane Wooder said...

I don't think you are forgetting anything?