Friday, November 9, 2007

Friends & Family

Over the past two years of our relationship, Chris and I have been supported by our wonderful friends and family. I thought it was only appropriate to dedicate a post to them:

My friend Angie gets a special mention in this post. Now I consider the fact that Chris and I met at a Rascal Flatts concert fate, but Angie swears up and down that she brought the two of us together since she approached Chris's group of friends. Either way, thanks for taking a chance with me and going to the concert AJ...not only did we have an amazing time but I got a fiance out of it!

Angie and I, the night of the Rascal Flatts concert

Later that night AJ took a pict of Chris & I dancing...I already knew I had a keeper!

My best friends are the ones that I met in college and mostly consist of my sorority sisters. I consider the five of you the sisters that I never had and I love you all. Thank you for the times that we have spent over the past 6 (yikes, we're getting old!) years. And I'm glad that you all approve of Chris, you're kinda stuck with him now!!

My crazy sorority sisters and I on one of the crazy nights they joined me in Cinci minus JSto

I assume that none of Chris's friends read this blog, but I wanted to give them and especially his roommates, a shout-out for putting up with me as the seventh roommate for the past 2 years. You're pretty much like the brothers that I never had. But I would like to thank my parents for never having a boy, because they do smell at times. Sick.

Mike, Chris, & Nick...the other 3 roommates are elsewhere....

Most importantly, our families. My parents love Chris just as much if not more than they love me and from day one they have been supportive of us (no matter how many thousands of miles we racked up traveling to see each other) and that has meant the world to us. Chris's family has welcomed me with open arms and I am so excited to enter their HUGE family.

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aletha @ pearls events said...

Everybody needs great friends. Sounds like you have a great group of people in your life :)