Monday, April 20, 2009

Frontier? No Thanks

Last Monday I asked you to "hold that thought" and bear with me since the hotel in Omaha I am staying at is wi-fi free {seriously}. This Sunday evening, we have bigger issues.
On Friday the plans were to fly from Omaha to Denver to Phoenix to visit one of my bridesmaids for the weekend before flying back into Omaha for another week of work. I made it to Denver, but then things got interesting. There was a blizzard in the middle of April and the Denver airport was a mess. After an hour and a half delay we were able to board our flight to Phoenix. One hour later our plane taxied to the de-icing area. One hour later we were still sitting there, fully de-iced. And then we went back to our gate. And then our flight was cancelled. We un-boarded only to watch THE EXACT PLANE we had just un-boarded be turned over to a different, more priority flight which took off within 45 minutes. Let's just say that I will never fly on Frontier Airlines ever again. So, after spending a lovely night on the floor near gate A32, I finally made it to Phoenix and stayed there for all of 33 hours. Then it was back through Denver and into Omaha.
So, after my lovely travel-filled weekend {and being at the Denver airport Friday, Saturday AND Sunday}, I hope that you'll cut me some slack. I am quite jet-legged, red-eyed and tired but i hope to be back to regular posting by Tuesday.

I chose this picture to serve as the pretty picture for this post because I think that the bridesmaid to the right of the bride looks like me. She could be my twin....or at least my sister. If you know her, lets find out if she's in my family tree somewhere. k?

photo by stone blue productions via the brides cafe


Abbie said...

It's amazing how the storm took people out of commission. I had taken Friday off to drive to Denver to get some wedding tasks out of the way, and the storm made me change my mind! I ended up spending all day today driving there and back, with little success to show for it! Glad to hear you're back safe.

Adrienne said...

Ugh how frustrating!! Airports can be so annoying! Sorry to hear you had to sleep on the floor!! Hang in there, you will be home soon. :)

Holly & Helen's Hassack said...

I looked at the picture before reading the story & really thought that bridesmaid was you!

BREE said...

Me too - I thought the picture was you as well! Especially since the topic of the post was about going to see your friends aka bridesmaids!

Julia said...

boo!! what a pain!!!!

Hannah Noel said...

Ohh I am most definitely saving this picture to show my photographer!!